Why Did I move My Blog?

My old blog: MyPassiveIncomeFreedom.Wordpress.com

I finally moved my blog. I started my blog, My Passive Income Freedom on WordPress.com. As you know, WordPress.com is free blog site.  I started my blog in WordPress.com because I wasn’t sure if I want to really commit to this blog.  My plan was to document all the thing I am learning as I venture in to online business world. So the question was am I series about this online venture. I wasn’t going to spend money on web hosting if I decided to quiet after few months. WordPress.com was a safe place to start. When I signed up for freeblog, it gave me a domain name, MyPassiveIncomeFreedom.Wordpress.com. It was long but it was something I could work with. I found pretty cool free WordPress theme called publication, and started to build the blog.  But one of the things that frustrated me was that I couldn’t add any plug-ins.  But that was the limitation that I had to work with.

New blog: MyIncomeFreedom.com

After few months of writing blog posts, I felt like it was something I want to continue to do. As I continue to venture into making money online, I wanted to document all the things I am learning.  I was ready to commit to this.

At this point, I already had an account with 1and1 hosting company, and I can setup multiple WordPress websites using one account.  1and1 hosting is great so far.  They have been around for a while and they are pretty reliable hosting company.  I like the fact that they have great introductory deal for new users.  They have a deal where if you sign up for the first time, you only have to pay $.99 a month on first year.  After that you pay around $7/month. Also you get a free first domain name when you sign up. They have easy to use control panel where you can setup your WordPress website in a few minuets.  Most importantly, you can have 20 WordPress websites with this one account.

I found the domain name MYINCOMEFREEDOM.COM from Namecheap.com. Namecheap.com is great. I’ve been getting all my domain names from there.  There are many benefits from buying domain names from domain name broker such as Namecheap.com.  I wrote a post about it in the past post. When you buy a domain name from Namecheap.com, it will cost you only $10.69 per year.  It will be much cheaper than getting from you hosting company.  Not only that you’ll get WhoisGuard security protection for free for the first year. WhoisGuard protects you from spammers and snooper who snoop around your domain name public information.  It is very useful security feature.  Lastly creating a link between your domain name from Namecheap.com to 1and1 hosting is very easy to do.

So it was time for me to move my blog to 1and1 hosting where I can have full control over. Which mean that I can start customize my blog and start installing plugins.

The process

My plan was to setup the WordPress just like the 0ld blog site.  I really liked the free WordPress theme called publication.  Because I built my blog using WordPress in my web hosting, I was able to use different plugins and make the website really cool.  These are few of the must have plugins that I use it on all of my websites.

  • Akismet should be already installed.  This plugin protect you from spam comments
  • Yoast SEO handles SEO functionality for all your posts and more.  This is essential plugin.
  • Jetpack does many cool things such as social media share functionality and more.
  • Google Analyticator plugin connects your website with Google Analytics tool.  Google Analytics is tool by Google that is available for you to signup which allows you to see detailed stats about your website traffic.  This is something you should do to keep track of how your website is doing.  We can talk more about this in later post.
  • SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle – This is really cool plugin where you can customize each page by adding different widgets,

Since I didn’t have much blog posts, I decided to copy and past each blog posts and rewrite all of them. Many of the posts are written very quickly and it can be better. Rewriting each blog posts took some time, but it wasn’t difficult at all.  I was just making sure I had the right photos for each blog post and proof read them to make sure it flows better. At the same time, I decided to create a Twitter account and Facebook page to promote each of the posts.

My goal

My goal is to continue to document all the things I learn and I do to make money online. Hopefully, I can help other people to do the same.  But eventually, I would like to grow the traffic to the blog and make some money.

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