Why You Shouldn’t Buy Domain Name From Your Host

When you signup for hosting company, almost all the hosting companies give you first domain name for free.  When I signed up for 1and1 hosting, they give me first domain name for free. Also most of the hosting companies will allow you to setup more then one website. With 1and1 hosting account, you can setup unlimited number of websites or 20 WordPress websites. In my previous post, I write about how to install WordPress website with just few clicks. I also wrote how easy is to run multiple website using 1and1 hosting. But what about domain name?

As you all know, setting up a website has two components.  First is the domain name and second is the actual website.  Domain name is an unique name that is pointing to your website. It is almost like your unique telephone number which people can use to call your phone.  In order to setup a website, you need  a hosting company to host your website.  It would be easy to just get a domain from the hosting company, and most people do it that way.  It makes sense.  It would be very easy to set everything up because everything is in one place.  But what if I tell you it is not recommended. There are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy domain name from your website host.

1. Keep all your domain name in one place

You don’t have to buy domain name from your hosting company.  You are not stuck with them. You have other options. There are many places where you can buy domain names such as Namecheap.com. When you only have one website, it doesn’t apply to you.  But if you have more then one website, it is nice to manage all your domain name in one place. Namecheap.com has really nice interface where you can keep track of all your domain names in one place.  One benefit of having all you domain names in one place is that it doesn’t matter where you are hosting your websites.  All you have to do is create a link from your domain name to your web hosting, and it can be done very easily. I’ll showing you how to create a link bit later.  You can even have more the one hosting company to host all your websites.  It doesn’t matter because all your domain name stays in one place and it is easy to manage.

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2. Cheaper to buy from Domain Broker

When you buy a domain name from your hosting company, you will pay top price for it.  I do admit, it is easy to set it all up when you buy a domain name from your hosting company, but you are paying the price for it.  But when you buy a domain name from a broker such as Namecheap.com, you can get the domain name in discounted price. Not only that it also comes with extra benefits such as WhoisGuard security feature.

When I bought my domain name from 1and1 hosting company, I paid around $14.99 per year. But when you buy a domain name from Namecheap.com, it will cost you only $10.69 per year.  Also you get WhoisGuard security protection for free for the first year.   WhoisGuard protects you from spammers and snooper who snoop around your domain name public information.  It is very useful security feature.


3. Transferring domain name can be a pain

Your relationship with your hosting company can always change.  Even if you like your hosting company right now, things can always go wrong later on.  What if you starts to see down time on your website. What if you don’t like their customer service.  When you decided to change your hosting company, transferring your domain name can be pain in the butt and it can be very confusing.  But when you have all your domain name in one place, it doesn’t matter who is your hosting company.  All you have to do is just point your domain name to new hosting company.  It is very simple process.

How to point your NameCheap domain name to 1and1 Hosting

So you have a website setup in 1and1 hosting, and you want to setup a second website? What do you do?  Creating a second website in 1and1 is pretty simple.  I already wrote a post about it previously. Next step is to buy a domain name from NameCheap.com. Once you buy the domain name from NameCheap.com, all you have to do is point the domain name to 1and1.  Here is how it is done:

First tell 1and1 hosting that you will be using external domain name

1. Login to 1and1 control panel and Click Transfer domain from another provider from the Domains section.


2. Enter the name of the domain registered with another company that you wish to point to 1&1 and click the Check button.


3. Click the Set up external domain button.


4. Review your order and then click the Continue button to proceed.

5. Look over your User Data to ensure that your information is up to date and then click continue to checkout.

6. Check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions. Look over your order details and then click Order now to finalize the order.  You won’t be charged any money. It is just how the process is done.

7.  Now to complete the process, you will have to go to NameCheap.com and update your domain settings to use the following 1and1 hosting name servers:

DNS1: ns-us.1and1-dns.com
DNS2: ns-us.1and1-dns.us
DNS3: ns-us.1and1-dns.de
DNS4: ns-us.1and1-dns.org

Next, Change the DNS setting on NameCheap.com

1. Sign into your Namecheap account

2. Select Domain List from the left sidebar and click the Manage button next to your domain.


3. Find the Nameservers section and select your preferred option from the drop-down menu. Save changes using the corresponding icon:


4. Choose CustomDNS and enter all the DNS information you got from 1and1 hosting.


It takes about 48 hour for DNS to sync.  But in my experience, you will see the new domain name within in 30 minuets. Soon as the DNS is sync, you will see the new domain name in 1and1 hosting for you to assigned to your new website. It is as if you bought the domain name from the hosting company.  It is simple as that.

So there are many benefits not purchasing the domain name from your hosting company. NameCheap.com is great place to get your domain name.  So what are you waiting for? Just do it!

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