How to Setup Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

After you setup your website, it’s important that you connection your website with Google Analytics and Google Web master Tool. These are very useful free tools by Google to help you analyze your website.  In the beginning, you might not see many activities, but it is some thing you should install on all your websites.  So that when your website started to get more traffics, you are ready to analyze and make your website even better.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool are not the same thing.  They tell you different information.  But if I can put it in a simplest form, Google Analytics tells you how many people are visiting your website and Google Webmaster Tool tells you how they are finding your website using Google search engine.  I know, it’s more complicated than that, but basically that is what is going on. Basically, these are very crucial information you need to have as you continue to optimize your website.

How to connect to Google Analytics

1. Login to Google Analytics website

First you need to account with Google.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have account with Google. But if you don’t, just signup for free account.  Now visit Google Analytics website and login using your Google account.

First thing you need to do is create a Google Analytics account.  Creating Google Analytics account is straight forward. Just follow the on-screen instruction and fill in the all the necessary information.

2. Create Account and Property

Once you have your account setup, you can start adding websites to analyze.  They are called PROPERTY.  Adding PROPERTY is pretty simple.

Start from ADMIN section on the bottom corner of the screen.

At this point, you should have at least one ACCOUNT to work with.  If you have more than one account, you can choose an account to work with under ACCOUNT column.  Once you picked an account to work with, create a new PROPERTY in the PROPERTY column.

Click on WEBSITE to track and fill in all the necessary information. You need to fill in your Website Name, and Website URL.  Don’t forget to fill in Industry Category, and Time zone.  Once you are done, click on GET TRACKING ID.

Once everything is done right, you’ll see Tracking ID and bunch of source codes.  We’ll come back to it and figure out what to do with Tracking ID.

3. Install Google Analyticator plugin

There are different way to connect your WordPress website to the Google Analytics.  Easiest way is to use free WordPress plugin called Google Analyticator.  Go ahead and install and active Google Analyticator plugin.  If you are not sure how to install new plugins, check out my previous article called “6 Things You Need to Do Right After Installing WordPress”.  In the article, there is section about essential plugins you need to install right after you install your WordPress.

4. Google Authentication Code

Once you active the plugin, you’ll see Google Analytics menu on your left column.  Click there.

Now you need to connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics using the Google Analyticator plugin.  In order to to that you need to get Google Authentication code.  To get the Authentication code, click on “CLICK HERE” in the Google Analyticator plugin menu.  It will walk you through the process. It’s very easy.

At the end of the process, you see the Google Authentication code.  Just copy the long line of code. Make sure you copy all the codes.

Paste the code and click Save & Continue.

Now you are connected to Google Analytics.  All yo have to do is ENABLE it.  If you have more than one account, choose the account you are analyzing.  Once the Basic setting is set, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Now let Google Analytics some time to collect the data.

What can we do with Google Analytics is another whole topic.  Basically Google Analytics tells you how many people are visiting your website and more.  You can login to Google Analytics website and see different stats.

How to connect to Google Webmaster Tool

1. Login to Google Webmaster Tool

First visit Google Webmaster Tool and login using your Google account.  Using the same Google account that you used for Google Analytics.

2. Add Property

To add your website, click on ADD PROPERTY.

Google webmastertool-01

In ADD PROPERTY window, type in your website URL.  Click ADD after you are done.

Google webmastertool-02

Since you are already verified with Google Analytics, use the recommended method.  All you have to do is click on VERIFY.  If  you haven’t installed Google Analytics, I recommend you to do that first.  It just makes it easier.

Google webmastertool-03

3. Add Sitemaps

Final step is adding Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool.  Sitemap is basically a map of your website, so that Google Webmaster Tool can easily index all your website.  You can easily get sitemap information in wordpress website.


You can get sitemaps from Yoast SEO plugin.  If you don’t have Yoast SEO plugin, you need to install this plugin.  This is one of the essential plugin you should install in all your WordPress website.  Check out my previous article called “6 Things You Need to Do Right After Installing WordPress”. If you don’t have Yoast SEO plugin, you can go ahead and install it right away.

Google webmastertool-06

Once you install Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll see SEO menu on the left column.  Click on SEO and go to XML Sitemaps.

Google webmastertool-05

You can copy the XML sitemaps URL by right-clicking on XML Site link and Copy link address.

Google webmastertool-07

Now go back to your Google Webmaster Tool website.  Click on Sitemaps under CRAWL menu.

Google webmastertool-04


Google webmastertool-08

Paste your Sitemaps URL here and click Submit.  You can test your URL before you submit to make sure it is the correct link.  Noticed that you don’t need the whole URL.  Your XML sitemaps should looks like “”.  You only need end portion – sitemap_index.xml.  This XML sitemaps continue to grow as your website continue to grow, so it makes easy for Google Webmaster Tool to analyze your website.

Google webmastertool-09

Just like Google Analytics, let Google Webmaster Tool some time to collect the data. Now what can we do with Google Webmaster Tool is another whole topic.  Basically it keeps track of what kind of keywords are getting indexed by Google search engine from your website, and how many people are hitting your website using Google search engine.

Again, what we can do with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool is whole another topic. For now, just remember that these free Google tools are some thing you must install in all of your websites. As your website continue to grow, these tools can very useful.

Good luck!

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