How to Set Up Multiple Websites Using Just One Web Hosting

On my previous post, I showed you how to setup your first WordPress Website.  If you were able to do it, congratulation. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for.  Just do it!

So you have successfully created your first website.  Now, few days later, you had another idea for a web site.  So what do you do?  If you have account with 1and1 Hosting service, you can created unlimited number of websites. But the account only allows 20 databases.  Since each WordPress website requires 1 database, technically, you can only create 20 WordPress websites.  I think 20 websites are way more than you need.


Creating a second website isn’t difficult at all.  You just create another website just like how you create your first one.  First thing you need is domain name for your second website. Each website site should have it’s own domain name.  Unless you are testing a website. 1and1 Hosting does give you temporary domain name for every website you setup.  If you are just testing a website, you can use this temporary domain name.

When you signup for hosting company, they usually give you first domain name for free.  If you want domain name for additional website, you have to purchase it separately.  You have two choices. You can buy from the hosting company. Or you can buy from third party party company such as where they specialize in domain name with cheaper price with additional perks.  Of course, it is easier to just buy the domain name from the hosting company.  Benefit of it is that you can easily integrate your new domain name with your new website. Later on, I’ll be posting an article about how it is better to buy a domain name from third part company such as  But first, let me show you how to setup multiple websites with one hosting company. In this example, I’ll be using my hosting company, 1and1 Hosting.

1. Login to 1and1 Hosting Control Panel

First login to 1and1 hosting control panel by clicking on “Login” button on top of the page with you User ID and Password.



2. Install WordPress

Once you logged in to the Control Panel, scroll down and look for “Hosting” section. Under “Hosting” section, click on “WordPress” to start the installation process just like how you did it for the first time.


3. Website Title

From this point on, the process is pretty much the same as first time.  Next step is the website title.  Go ahead and entering website tile of  your next website.  After you enter the website title, click on “Create Website” button.


4. Assign Login and Password

Next step is assigning your administrative login and password.  Always consider security in mind when you create your administrative login and password.  Here are some tips for assigning administrative login and password.

  1. Don’t use common administrative login such as “admin” or “administrator”.
  2. Make your password is unique by mixing capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
  3. Create additional administrative account and use it to post your articles.


Be sure to check the box “I have read and accept the Terms of us” and click on “Continue”.

5. Select Installation Type

Just like the first time, you have two different types of installation.  First one is Managed WordPress and Second option is normal WordPress installation.  Here, we are going to choose normal WordPress installation.


6. Assign New Domain Name

This is where you assign your domain name for the newly created website.  Like we talked about it earlier, you need to purchase additional domain name for second website you are building.  You can purchase the domain name with hosting company or you can purchase it from third party company such as  (We will be talking about this more later in the post.)  Once you purchased an additional domain name, you will see the new domain name listed.  Pick the new domain you have purchased and click on “Assign Domain” to continue.  As we talked about it earlier, if you haven’t purchased a new domain name, it will automatically generate temporary domain name for you to use.  You can always purchase the domain name later and assign it to new website later if you like.


7. Manage Multiple Websites

When you finished the installation, you’ll see all the website you installed in your App Center.  In the example below, you’ll see two websites I have built so far.


Next time if you want to get to this page, just login to 1and1 Control Pannel, and look for Hosting.  Under Hosting, click on “1&1 App Center”.  This is where you manage all your websites you have created.


First, always make note of your new URL of your new website and URL for new Admin page.  URL of your website should be your new domain name that you previously assigned. If not, it is assigned a temporary domain name for you to access it.  You can click on “Edit web site” to edit your WordPress website.

Things You Need to Do Right After Installing WordPress-01

After you finish the installation process, you can start customizing your website.

You don’t have to use hosting to build your websites.  Many other hosting companies have similar options.  You just google “web hosting recommendation” and start researching your web hosting company of your choice.  Just make sure that the web hosting company has been around for a while. Some of the smaller hosting company may have great price but they might not stick around for long time.  If you haven’t signup for account with 1and1 hosting, you can sign up here.

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  1. You shouldn’t be telling people to make a strong password of letters and special characters. You should be telling them to get Lastpass or Roboform.

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