Who is Pat Flynn and What’s Passive Income?

Most likely, average person doesn’t know who Pat Flynn is, but in online marketing world, he is a big celebrity.  He is man behind Smart Passive Income blog. I didn’t know who Pat Flynn was either.  Now I know why he is such a big celebrity in online marketing world.  Here is my story.

I try to stay healthy as I can.  So I’ve been consistently going to gym few times a week. I usually listen to music while I workout.  But lately, I started to get bored listening to music.  One day, I thought to myself, instead of listing to music, I can use this time more wisely by learning something new. I’ve been hearing so much buzz about Podcast so I decided to gave it a try. One thing that I am impressed about podcast is that you can pretty much find podcast for any topics you can think of.  So one day, I decided to browse around and searching for something interesting specially in topic of making money online. That’s is when I ran into Pat Flynn’s podcast. His title caught my eyes. He was talking about something that I never heard before–the concept of passive income. I had time to kill, so I decided to give it a listen starting from the first episode. Quickly, the first episode led to 80th episode. I was intrigued by what he was saying and it quickly grabbed my attention.

What I like about Pat is I can really relate with him. Pat Flynn is just another average “joe” just like you and me.  He was on his way to be an architect and had a great career ahead of him.  But one day, he got laid off from his job. He was struggling financially to support his family.  That is when everything changed. He decided to jump into online business by selling his notes for LEED exam.  LEED exam is highly specialized exam for architects. He was surprised there was so much demand for the notes and he was actually making good money from it.  This is how he started Smart Passive Income blog and podcast.  He started to teach other people what he did and about passive income idea.

I always had this bad image of people who are making money online.  I always thought only spammers make money online.  That is what sticks out with Pat Flynn.  He really has good intention. He is not out there to hustling people to sell stuff.  He is out there trying to help people with useful information for free.  I was blown away by how much free information he was giving it away.  Right away, I was hooked. Most importantly, I realized that if he can do it, I can do it too. He opened my eyes for new possibilities.

But what really got my attention was the concept of passive income and financial freedom that comes from it.  Most people go to work, and they get paid by how many hours you worked. So in reality, you are trading money with time.  More hour you work, more you get paid. Passive income doesn’t follow this rule.  Your income doesn’t depend on time you worked.  Most importantly, I can work anywhere and any time.  I really like his motto: “You work hard now, so you can reap the benefit later.”  I realized this is the missing link I was looking for. This is what I am supposed to do.

But I am still a skeptic.  I won’t believe it until I actually make money online.  Meanwhile, I am going to learn much as I can. I know that there are ample of free resources are out there. I quickly learned that Pat isn’t the only one making money online.  There are many others out there, and they are all providing valuable information.  So I decided to spend some time learn much as I can, and try to figure what I am supposed to do.  I don’t expect this to be easy process, but I am willing to put my time on efforts on it. The journey starts now!

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