MailChimp Popup opt-in fix

In previous post, I wrote about how to setup popup opt-in using Mailchimp to collect email from the visitors.  Since that time, Mailchimp made some change to their system, and you might find your popup not working properly.  This this post, I’ll show you how to fix it.  It is real simple.

Recently, MailChimp made 2 changes to their system.  Starting October 31, single opt-in will become the default setting for all MailChimp hosted, embedded, and pop-up signup forms.  So what is that mean?  It means that your popup opt-in you setup might not work anymore.

Single vs Double opt-in

So what is single opt-in? Whenever someone signs up for your mailing list, you have the option of making that a single or double opt-in. Single Opt-In just means that as soon as they fill in and submit a subscription form with a valid email address, they’re subscribed. They’ve opted in with a single action.

Whereas, double opt-in means it adds an extra layer of security to prevent other people from signing you up for email lists just to spam. After the form is submitted, a confirmation email is sent that includes a link you must click in order to successfully subscribe. They’ve opted in with double action.

Ideally, a double opt-in is more secure and it is something that is recommended, but since it adds an extra step, it might results in failed double opt-ins.

What MailChimp did was to make opt-in as default.  So if you want to use double opt-in you will need to specifically choose that.

This change might cause your current opt-in setting to not work.  If that is the case, here is the quick fix.

1. Choose double opt-in in MailChimp

Login to you MailChimp account.

Go to your LIST and go to SETTING.

Go to List Name & Default. Under Form Setting, check the Double opt-in.

We are almost done.

Now, go to your WordPress website and login to admin console.

Go to POPUPS on the left side menu and go to SETTINGS.  

Uncheck Ajax Mode.

That is all.

Test your pop-up by refreshing your WordPress website.

Good luck!


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