How to Grow Your Instagram Fast (Instagram Experiment)

I have successfully grown my Twitter account very fast by following the follow/unfollow method.  You can read about it on my previous blog posting if you missed it.  Now I am thinking if it is possible to do the same with Instagram. First of all, why do I want to grow my Instagram follower?  Just like Twitter, Instagram is another way to market your product or promote your website.  It is just as powerful as Twitter in it’s own way.

Instagram is another form of social medial. Just like any other social media, it won’t do any good if you don’t have any followers. Ideally you want to grow it organically and naturally, but it takes too long and very difficult to do.  So it is nice to get little boost to get started.

So I started to dig around internet to see if there is a method that really works.  I found bunch, but most of them don’t work and it is waste of time.  But I did found one way that worked for me.  It wasn’t easy as Twitter’s method but at the end, I did see some results.  In this blog, I would like to share it with you.

I first created Instagram account for my dog.  A pet account have been very popular lately so it was a good test account. I started with 0 followers and few months later, I was able to grow to over 700 followers.  It wasn’t so easy compare to Twitter account, but I could never grow to this size organically in few months.

Afterwards, I created another account to repeat the process. This time, I created Instagram account to promote my Youtube VLOG.  I want this account to talk about traveling and anything relating to traveling.  In few months, I was able to grow over 500.  It wasn’t big as first pet Instagram account, but I still saw result.

Use LIKE method to grow Instagram

The method that I tried is “LIKE” method.  The concept is pretty simple.  I divided into 3 steps:

1. Setup Profile

Obviously, first, you have to create an account.  Be sure to spend some time on your profile.  Make you have nice profile picture and description.  Just like Twitter profile, this is the most important part of Instagram.  It is important that you put your photos in your profile picture.  Any other picture, people will think that it’s a spam account. Don’t forget to put a web link on your profile to promote your website. You can’t post link in the comment section but you are allowed one web link on your profile.  So you have to use it wisely.  This is where people can find more about you and what you are promoting.

2. Post nice photos

Next start posting some photos.  It is important that photos have to be in your niche you are promoting.  The photos has be some what relating to your account.  Make sure photos you are posting are nice and interesting photos. If you don’t have too many nice and pretty pictures, you can search online and download them from internet.  Each posting should have some kind of description and hash tag.  If you having hard time finding hashtags for for your photos, there are mobile apps available to help you find popular hashtags. The app that I use the most is called “TagForLikes”.  Just copy and paste hashtags from the app to your Instagram when you post each photos.

3. Like photos

Next, search Instagram for popular hashtag relating to your niche.  For example, for my pet Instagram, I search for #dog.  In my travel Instagram, I search for #travel.  Once you get your search list, go through each photos and click LIKE on every photos. What happen next is that when they see you liking their photos, they will be curious and check out your account. Once they see that you have interesting account, they will follow your account. It is bit different then Twitter’s follow-unfollow method.  Because technically, you are not following other accounts.  You just LIKE other photos.  If you want to take it next level, you can leave comments on all the photos.  It can be simple comments like, “nice photos” or “cool!”  You get the point.  Personally, I like to use LIKE method.  I felt like commenting other photos just takes too much work.  So you spend about 5 minuets each day, everyday, doing this.  Longer you do it, better the result.  You start noticing that other people are following your account. How fast you want to grow your Instagram is all up to you.  It is all about how much time you want to put in it.

Try for yourself

Every account is different.  Some account might grow faster then other account. It all depends on the Instagram account and topic you are focusing.  So go ahead and try it for yourself. It seems like lots of work, but remember, there is no quick and easy way to do this for Free.  This is most effective way to grow your Instagram account without spending any money.

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