Do You Have Unfair Advantage?

One of the things that I learned is the term, “Unfair Advantage”. It’s the term introduced by Lain Ehmann who ran a successful online business doing scrapbook. She defines unfair advantage as skill sets or advantages you have that will give you head start from others. She encourages you to find all your unfair advantage and take full advantage of it. This got me thinking about my unfair advantage. So what is my unfair advantage? After thinking about this for while, I was surprised to find, I have many advantages.

Internet savy – Coming from IT background, I have many unfair advantage.  As a network and system administrator, I have good knowledge of how web servers and internet works.  Online business mostly about building a website and utilizing most of internet. You probably don’t need to know all these technical things to create a website and start a internet business, but I does give me a little bit of edge.

Social media savy – I was always interested in social media. Before Facebook, I was dabbling with Myspace and Friendster.  I always knew social media is powerful and I always find time to dabble with it and understood how it works. It seems like there are always new social media platform popping up constantly. But I never really thought it can be used as a tool for your online business. It changes everything.

Building website (WordPress experience) –  I started out in IT industry as a web designer and a developer. Back in the days, it was all about HTML and we used to code it on notepad and upload it using FTP.   Earlier on, I used to setup my own web server and run my own website just to see how everything works together.  I also dabble with affiliate marketing but didn’t know how to utilize it effectively.  When WordPress first came out, I was able to set it up and play with it.  I have experience building and running my own web sites, but it was just for fun. I never knew I can make money from it.  This is one of my biggest advantage.

Youtube and video production skills – I started to dabble with video and short film early on.  I bought myself DSLR and started to shoot videos and learn how to edit videos.  When you dabble with video production, you definitely have to learn about Youtube and how it works.  I was able to create my own channel to share all my videos and short films.  I even get together with few of my friends to work on Youtube video series.  But just like the building website, I never really thought you can make money from it.  Now I know Youtube and video production can be ultimate source of passive income.  This is big advantage for me.

Graphics editing skills – Like I mentioned before, I started as web developer.  In order to be web developer, you have to know little bit about how to integrate graphics to the website.  So I have little experience with Photoshop. Even though I stopped doing web developing for long time ago, it isn’t difficult for me to pickup where I left off. Photoshop has gone thought many different versions now and it is a monster of a program.  But the core concept is the same.  I know learning graphics editing is essential in building website and other platform for passive income strategy.

Podcast experience – My brother is really into podcast. One day, he wanted to start his own podcast and asked for my help.  So I was able to do research and setup a podcast from scratch.  We had a blast posting bunch of podcast episodes on iTune.  Who knew podcast is big part of passive income strategy.  I definitely have head start on this.

Work situation – One of the biggest unfair advantage is that I am blessed with pretty good day job.  I do have my own office and I am not micro-managed by my boss.  I have many down times at work where I can use the time to explore my entrepreneur opportunity.  Important thing is that I don’t have to quit my current job to pursue my new venture.  I feel like that is a big plus for me.

It all makes sense to me – As continue to learn more about internet marketing and other related topics, I feel like it all make sense to me.  I can grab all the concepts very quickly and I am able to continue to move on and learn new things.  It is as if this is what I am supposed to do.

These skills and experiences definitely give me heads up on the competition.  It means I don’t’ have to spend time learning these skills.  I can spend more time learning about business concepts instead of technical skills.  So many unfair advantages, I have no excuses but to push forward with online business.

So how about you? What is your “Unfair Advantages”? I want you to take some time to brain storm some of the unfair advantages that you have. You’ll be surprise how many advantages you have.  Unfair advantage isn’t all about technical skills.  It can be connection that you have, people that you know, or some skill and experience that you have on specific niche.  Once you figure out what that is, take advantage of that unfair advantages and utilize them much as you can to your advantage.  Good luck!

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