How to Build a Website With Just Few Clicks

If you are interested in online business, a website is something you need to have.  You need some kind of landing site where people can go to get information about the products or services you are selling. Now days, building a website is really easy using WordPress. It is estimated that almost 40% of all the websites in internet are powered by WordPress. Because of the popularity of WordPress, pretty much all the web hosting companies support WordPress.

Now, I have to make quick distinction between and is free online blogging community where you can setup your blog instantly. That is not what we are looking for. What we need is is blogging software which you can install with your hosting company to make your own website and have full control over it.

In order to install WordPress software, you first need to find a hosting company.  There are many hosting companies out there and pretty much all the hosting company supports WordPress (  You just need to be careful not to pick smaller hosting companies because, even thought they might be very cheap, they might go out of business later on. You need a web hosting company who’s been around for a while, and who’s going to stick around for a while.  Believe me, it would be pain-in-the-butt to move your WordPress website to different hosting company.  Also you need to look for hosting company with good customer support because, trust me, something will go wrong and you need their help.

I use hosting company called  They have been around for a while and they have great introductory deal for new users.  They have a deal where if you sign up for the first time, you only have to pay $.99 a month on first year.  After that you pay around $7/month. Also you get a free first domain name when you sign up. They have easy to use control panel where you can setup your WordPress website in a few minuets.  Most importantly, they have great support.

Building a web site using is easy as it gets.  When you sign up, you get access to your web hosting control panel.  In the control panel, there is easy to use wizard where you just click few buttons to install a WordPress web site in few minuets. I made step-by-step video to explain how it is done.

In this post, i’ll show you how to install a website using WordPress using example from 1and1 hosting.  If you don’t have 1and1 hosting, that is okay.  The process is very similar. Pretty much all the hosting companies have some kind of easy to use automation wizard to help you install Wordpess with just a few clicks.

1. Set up an account with 1and1 Hosting

If you don’t have account with 1and1 hosting, it is simple as calling or visiting their website to sign up. At the home page, make sure you choose Linux operating system and select Unlimited account.

How to Build a Website-01

1and1 Hosting offers 30 days money back, so if you change your mind and don’t like what you see, you can get your money back within 30 days.  So there nothing to loose.

You are going to choose Unlimited hosting account which is the cheapest and that is all you need in order for you to get it started for the first time.  If you are new, you’ll pay only $.99 per month for the first year.  After that you get charged $6.99 per month which is pretty good deal.

With this personal account, you get unlimited webspace and website you can create on your account and you get 20 databases.  If you are create a WordPress website, it uses 1 database.  So basically, you can create 20 WordPress websites which is more than you need.


Next step in the process is picking your domain name.  It comes with one free domain. Take your time to think about domain name you want for your website. Here are some tips for picking domain name.

  • If you can, make sure domain name is easy to remember, catchy, and short as possible.
  • Think big and think about brand name for you online business.
  • Try not to use trademark name.   For example, you don’t want to use some thing like “” because Nike is trademark name.  It belongs to Nike.
  • Try to find .com or .net if you can.  You have to be very creative since most of the popular names are  already taken.


If you find the domain you like, go ahead and finish the signup process by providing payment information and all that good stuff.

2. Login to 1and1 Hosting Control Panel

After the signup process is complete, you’ll be given customer ID and password.  At this point, if you don’t know your customer ID and password, you need to call them and find out what is going on.

On top of the main site, there is “Login” button.  Click there to access your control panel.


It will bring you to login screen.  Here, you login with your customer ID and your password.


3. Installing WordPress for the First Time

Once you logged in to the Control Panel, scroll down and look for “Hosting” section. Under “Hosting” section, click on “WordPress” to start the installation process.

How to Build a Website-08

4. Website Title

First step for installing WordPress is entering website tile of  your website.  This type of setting can be changed later on, so go ahead and name it best as you can. After you enter the website title, click on “Create Website” button.


5. Assign Login and Password

Next step is assigning your administrative login and password.  Here are some tips for assigning administrative login and password.  For the security purpose, don’t use common administrative login such as “admin” or “administrator”.  Use something that is bit unusual.  Also make your password complicated as you can by mixing capital letters, numbers, and symbols.


Be sure to check the box “I have read and accept the Terms of us” and click on “Continue”.

6. Select Installation Type

You have two different types of installation.  First one is Managed WordPress and other is just normal WordPress installation.  Here, we are going to choose normal WordPress installation. Managed WordPress is service you have to pay extra.


7. Assign Domain Name

This is where you assign your domain name you have selected earlier for your website. When you click on the arrow next to “Select a domain”, you’ll see domain name you have purchased earlier.  Pick the domain you have purchased and click on “Assign Domain” to continue.


8. Finishing the Process

When you finished the installation, you’ll see the following display.


Make note of your URL of your website and URL for Admin page.  URL of your website should be your domain name that you previously assigned.  Admin area is page where you go to edit and make changes to your WordPress website.  Also you can click on “Edit web site” to edit your WordPress website.

After you finish the installation process, you can start customizing your website. Go ahead and login to your admin page and start exploring different things you can do with WordPress.  There are many good resources out there to learn how to customize your WordPress website.  It isn’t very hard to do.  You just have to spend some time learning it and get use to it.

You don’t have to use hosting to build your first website.  You just google “web hosting recommendation” and start researching your web hosting company of your choice. Make sure that the web hosting company has been around for while. No matter what hosting company you choose, they all have similar way to install WordPress website.

Setting up a website using WordPress is easy as that.  So you have no excuse to take action on your online business.  If  yo don’t  have web hosting yet, don’t forget to check out 1and1 Hosting.

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