Who Am I?

hnsGGLWiMy name is Sam, and I’m just an average “Joe” living in suburban life in Los Angeles. Just like the other average “Joe’s”, I work Monday through Friday and find time to play on the weekends. Tell the truth, I cannot complain. I was able to finish college and able to learn skills to get IT job. I must be good at it because after 20 years, I am still doing it. One good thing about IT job is that there are always job available. It is stable industry, and I was drawn to that. I remember when I first got into IT industry, I had fire in my eye. I was very ambitious. I wanted to learn much as I can and climb that corporate ladder far as I can. That was over 20 years ago. Somewhere along the way, I hit the wall. I found myself settling down and started to get comfortable. I stopped learning and I stopped climbing. Now I am in my mid-forties and find myself rethinking about my future. So is this what I am supposed to do rest of my life?

I’ve always been creative person. I started to play guitar when I was 16 and never stopped since. I joined few different bands and played in many live shows. Later on, I gradually moved on to recording and producing music. Lately, I’ve started to dabble with making videos and producing short films. Creativity is in my blood but I never really made career out of it. Because I  knew that there is no money making music and videos.  As I got older, I started to realize I wasn’t doing what I love. I know it is never too late to change my way, but the question is how am I going to make living doing what I love?

I have no idea what I want to do. But one thing for sure, it is time for change. It is time for me to graciously exit out of IT industry that I was comfortable with for over 20 years, and do something completely different. It’s time to think outside the box and come out of the comfort zone. It is time to make career out of doing what I love.

That is when I learned about making money online.  I am learning that many people are doing it and many are successful.  Big benefit of online business is that you set your own schedule and you work at home.  That attracted me.  But I am still skeptical about online business.  So I decided to investigate.  This blog is my journey as skeptic to see if you can really make money online and make living from it. Follow me on my journey!