5 Steps to Grow Your Twitter Followers Using Statusbrew.com

On my previous post, I posted about my Twitter experiment – 5 Steps to Grow Your Twitter Followers Fast for FREE using Tweepi.  5 Steps are follows:

  1. Focus your twitter account to one particular topic or subject, and spend some time to make your Twitter page nice by adding profile photo and description.
  2. Follow many other twitter accounts as you can in your topic and many will follow you back. Unfollow those who are not following you back after few days.
  3. Post interesting post regularly using hash tags and photos
  4. Engage with your followers by retweet their twits and building relationship with them.
  5. Keep repeating the process everyday.

Since that time, Tweepi has changed some of its features. Since Dec. 5, 2015, Tweepi discontinued its UNFOLLOW functionality.  This really throw things off.  Unfollow function is big part of the strategy.  So I scrambled to find alternative method to unfollow users.  There I came across with UNFOLLOW.COM. (Now it’s called StatusBrew.com.) And it’s free.  I made a video grow your Twitter account using Statusbrew.com.

How to unfollow using Statusbrew.com

5 steps to grow your Twitter is still the same. Only difference is that instead of using Tweepi to unfollow people who are not following you back, use statusbrew.com to unfollow.

First, you have to sign up for the free account at Statusbrew.com.  Statusbrew is easy to use but there are some limitations for using free service.  For instance, you can only log into one Twitter account at a time.  So if you have more then one Twitter accounts, you have to logout and log back in every time you want to switch to different Twitter account.  Also you can only unfollow 100 users per day.  These limitation aren’t big deal for me.  But if you find them inconvenient, you can sign up for paid account.

Statusbrew.com is very easy to use.  First you login into your Twitter account.  Then open up a new browser and login to Statusbrew.com.  It will see that you have your Twitter account open, so it will automatically connect to your Twitter account.

Once you connect to your Twitter account, unfollowing followers who doesn’t follow you back is pretty easy.  On the left column, you will see NOT FOLLOW BACK option.  Click on it.

Make sure you choose ASC (ascend) from SORT BY menu.  So that you will unfollow from the bottom of the list.  You see, when you follow a new user, it will go on the top of the list.  So you want to unfollow users who has been lingering around for while on the bottom of the list.  You need to give new follower time to follow you back.

unfollow-not following back-02

Now all you have to do is click on big red UNFOLLOW button to unfollow them.  Once you click on the UNFOLLOW button, it will go to next UNFOLLOW button below automatically, so that you can go down the list and click the button very fast.

Don’t forget, you can only unfollow 1oo users per day.  If this bothers you, you can sign up for premium account.  But as for me, I don’t have problem with that.

So that is pretty much it.  It is very easy.  I know this is bit of inconvenient, but it does the job. From this point on, the process of growing your Twitter account is pretty much same. Give it a try and let me know what it works out for you.

2 Replies to “5 Steps to Grow Your Twitter Followers Using Statusbrew.com

  1. Howdy, i read your blog from tіme to time and і own a ѕimilar one аnd i ᴡaѕ
    just wondering if үߋu get a lot of spam feedback?
    Ιf so how do you protect аgainst іt, any
    plugin oг anythіng yоu can advise? I get so mucһ ⅼately іt’s driving me
    insane so any һelp is very mᥙch appreciated.

    1. I get tones of spams too. But it can be controlled. Make sure always get the latest WordPress. WordPress goes good job catching spams. I also use Akismet plugin. It is a must have plugin.

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