5 Steps to Grow Your Twitter Fast (Twitter Experiment)

I’ve been using social media for a while now. I mostly use to follow celebrities and catching up with my friends.  But I am learning that social media is essential tool for promoting your online business. There are many social media platforms out there but what I am learning is that Twitter is the most powerful social media of all.  It has the biggest active communities and it is one platform where you can grow your followers very easily and fast.

If you search online, there are many techniques on how to grow your Twitter followers.  I started to look into these techniques.  I was curious if some of these techniques actually work.  I had to see it for myself.  Just like many of you out there, I already had my existing personal Twitter account.  I set up the account while back and I had about 200 followers.  I was intrigued by follow-unfollow method. So I decided to use the technique to grow my account.  At the end of the month, I was able to grow my account to 1k followers.  I kept going.  Few months later, I had 2k followers.  I was surprised how easy it was to grow Twitter account.  The follow-unfollow technique actually worked. Thinking that this might be just a fluke, I decided to create a brand new Twitter account with 0 followers and decided to do it again.  Few months later, I was able to grow the Twitter followers from 0 to 2k.  In order to share this technique with other, I decided to make a video about it.

On this blog, I am going to show you in detail what I did, so you can try it for yourself.  Basically, the process is 5 step process:

  1. Focus your twitter account to one particular topic or subject, and spend some time to make your Twitter page nice by adding profile photo and description.
  2. Follow many other twitter accounts as you can in your topic and many will follow you back. Unfollow those who are not following you back after few days.
  3. Post interesting post regularly using hash tags and photos
  4. Engage with your followers by retweet their twits and building relationship with them.
  5. Keep repeating the process everyday.

Step 1: Re-evulate Your Twitter Account

I am sure you already have a Twitter account.  First thing you have to do is re-evaluate your Twitter account to focus on one topic.  If you like music, focus on music.  In fact, you should even focus more on specific type of music.  If you like to write, focus on writing and things relating to writing. If you like films, focus on films  In fact, if you can focus more specific type of films such as horror films, it would be even better. In my experience, more specific it is, it will be easier to grow your Twitter. The idea is to stay away from those generic personal Twitter account where you talk about everything in life. First of all, no one cares about what your Twits, and it is very difficult to find specific audience for your Twitter account.   We’ll talk more about this, but it is important that you find specific audience for your Twitter.

At this point, I already created few Twitter accounts with different topics in mind. Since I play guitar and loves music, I converted my personal Twitter account (@SamShedder) to music related account. I wanted to stay away from generic personal account.

@FoodFrontal is my foodie Twitter account.  While back, I started Youtube project called Food Frontal with some friends where we review restaurants in Los Angeles area.  So I created a Twitter account for the project.  The audiences are the foodies who are based on Los Angeles area.

I also started several Twitter accounts from scratch. @FavoriteHorror is my horror Twitter account. I am a big horror movie fans, and lately, I started to dabble with making short horror films for Youtube.  So I created this account to promote my horror short film.  I started the account with 0 followers, now the time of writing, I have over 5k followers and continue to grow.  The audiences are all the horror fans.

Grow Your Twitter Fast-01

I created another short film related Twitter account called @BumbleBVideo.  The audiences for this account is more of amateur film makers. @TravelBugVideo is my travel Twitter account.  I created this account to talk about traveling and travel related topics since I love to travel.  The audiences are the all those travels and those who love to travel.

STEP 2: Tweepi Strategy

Next step is to start following people.  But first you have to know who to follow.  You have to find out where your audiences are.  Best way to find your audience is to find other very popular Twitter account that is similar to your account, and follow the same people who are following them.  For example, for my horror Twitter account, I would follow all those who are following @DreadCentral. Dead Central has very popular horror Twitter account with over 80k followers.  These 80k followers are my potential audiences. By following them, many will follow you back.

Now if you trying to do this manually, this can be pain in the butt.  So you need a tool that will makes it easier for you to follow them.  Tweepi is the tool you need and it is FREE.  Tweepi has feature called “Follow followers” where you can follow followers from account of your choice. This makes it so much easier to follow other accounts.

Grow Your Twitter Fast-03

Twitter sets a limit on how many people you can follow per day.  The limit is 1000 per day. And Twitter sets a limit on how many people you can follow overall.  The limit is 5000.  Good thing is that Tweepi will tell you when you reached the limit and when you need to stop.  So you don’t get in trouble with Twitter.  After you reached your 5000 limit, Twitter uses algorithm to allow only certain number of people you can follow based on how many followers you have. So follow many people as you can until you hit the limit, and watch your followers grow.  Not everyone will follow you back, but good 10-30% will follow you back depends on the audience you are targeting.

(Tweepi has changed unfollow feature on Dec 2015. I’ll be doing UPDATE post about it.) Wait few days for them to follow you back.  Once you wait about a week, it’s time for you to unfollow those who are not following you back, so you can make room to follow more new people. Again, if you trying to do this manually, it is almost impossible, so use Tweepi to help you out. Tweepi has “Unfollow” feature which make it easier for you to unfollow.  Twitter also set limit on how many people you can unfollow a day.  But don’t worry Tweepi will give you warning.  You just stop when you hit the limit.

tweepi unfollow

STEP 3: Post Interesting Contents

In order to really grow your Twitter account, you have to have interesting contents in your Twitter account.  Your followers needs to be informed and entertained.  There are 3 reasons why posting content is important to grow your Twitter.

  1. Before followers follow you, they’ll take a quick look at your account.  If they see that you have many interesting posts, they will more likely follow you back.
  2. Interesting posts can start a discussion in your account, and it is a great way to start a relationship with your followers. It will attract real followers.
  3. It is necessary in order to grow your account organically in the future.

Posting interesting contents every day can be stressful.  It shouldn’t be.  Posting interesting content is lot easier then you think.  Here is little trick you can follow.  Twitter is also one of the biggest search engine.  So go ahead and search for topic of your choice you want to post. Read through the search result and find something interesting to you.  If you find something, go ahead and repost them instead of Retweeting them.  Most likely, you will be posting some interesting a photo, link to an interesting article, or a video.  Just copy these interest photo or link, and post it on your account.

Be sure to use hashtag on your post.  You don’t need to over hashtag them.  Just few popular hashtags relating to your posting will do.  It is pretty easy to find popular hashtags. All you have to do is let Twitter find it for you. Just start typing hashtag and see Twitter recommends hashtag for you based on what you are typing.  Lastly, attach photos relating to your post.  People are drawn to photos.

what hashtag should i use

It is recommended that you post at least one post a day.  More the better.

STEP 4: Engage With Your Followers

It is important that you have to engage with your followers.  Ask them question, comment on their posts, and reply back if they communicate with you.  Also re-twit posts from your followers if it finds interesting. The idea is to create a community.  You have to let your followers know what you are a real person. Spending some time with your followers to engage with them is something you have to do create a community of real people.  Because, you will noticed that not every followers are real people.  There will be many spammers and solicitors.

STEP 5: Repeat Step 1 to 4

Repeat, everyday… Mon-Fri.  You can take a break on the weekend.  Twitter world slows down on the weekends.  It may seems like a lot of work, but it actually is not.  You ended up spending less then 10 minuets each day.  You’ll eventually find a routine and it get even easier.  If you keep this up, you’ll see your Twitter account grow with real followers.  You’ll see that some accounts may take faster then others to grow.  It all depends on the audience you are targeting.  But eventually, you’ll noticed that you can grow pretty much any Twitter account if you follow this strategy.

You might be asking, why do I want to spend all this time growing my Twitter account?  I’ll tell you why.  This is great way to promote your online business.  These followers are your potential customers. But it doesn’t have to be your online business.  You can use your Twitter to promote your music, if you are a musician; promote your film, if you are a filmmaker; promote your blog, if you are a blogger.  You can promote anything you desires.  It is all about targeting right audience. If you have something to promote, this is great way to start.

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